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Bolle Amp Blue Monster with Vermillion Lens Snow Goggle

Brand: Bolle Eyewear
Product Code: GBA1518

Bolle Amp Blue Monster with Vermillion Lens Snow Goggle

Bolle Amp Blue Monster with Vermillion Lens Kids Snow Goggle

Crank up the fun on the slopes with the Amp. From its kid-friendly fit to its rocking color options, the Amp was designed from the top down to fit kids from age 3 to 8. You’ll feel good knowing that it blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays and they’ll feel like a rock star wearing this cool goggle.

• Double Lens is a dual pane thermal barrier between the cold, dry air and moisture generated by intense activity
• Carbo-Glas provides a protective armor to help prevent scratches keeping your lenses clear
• Flow-Tech venting is an engineered venting system in each frame that promotes directional airflow inside the surface of the lens reducing moisture
• P80+ Anti Fog disperses water molecules across the surface of the inner lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede a clear view
• Fits juniors 3-6 Years
• LENS:   Pink lens - brings out contrasts and maximises colour definition. A pleasure to wear in cloudy and fairly sunny conditions.

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