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Bolle Explorer Shiny Black - Emerald Snow Goggles

Brand: Bolle Eyewear
Product Code: GBEX1351-21351
Availability: 3-10 Working Days

Bolle Explorer Shiny Black - Emerald Snow Goggles

Bolle Explorer Shiny Black Cubes with Emerald Lens Snow Goggles

Goggles with bright colours, perfect for kids and parents, crammed full of high-tech, guaranteeing perfect visibility for hurtling down snowy slopes

• Flow-Tech venting promotes directional airflow across the inside of lens
• Forestay outrigger system designed for goggles to sit snugly on your face
• Embedded P80+ anti-fog layer on inner lens restricts moisture build up
• Double lens creates a dual-pane thermal barrier between cold dry air outside
• Small size fit
• LENS:  Amber lens with green mirror coating - improves contrast and reduces glare. The mirror coating will add style to your look and deliver excellent optical comfort in sunny and overcast conditions.

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