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Campmaster Copper Thermette

Brand: Campmaster
Product Code: THERMC
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Campmaster Copper Thermette

Campmaster Copper Thermette 2.2 Litre - NZ MADE - The Most Fun, Fast Acting, Family Cooker EVER!

As much an essential part of Kiwi camping as your Swandri and your Gumboots the Thermette is not only very quick at heating a large amount of water it is also a great activity in itself. Feeding the sticks down the central column it sort of has that 'poking the logs on the fire' quality about it that gives you something to do while warming your hands at the same time. We always used to have competitions between camps to see who could get theirs to boil the fastest and it became camp tradition to leap out of the truck on arrival and get the thermette going before we started on the campsite for a quick brew. Also a great way to start a cold morning. "I'll get the thermette going" replaces "I'll put the kettle" on at home. Anyway enough badgering on about warm fuzzies. 

The Thermette acts as a very effective, fast-boil water system and a cooker when using the pot holder supplied. All that is required is a good supply of dry twigs and a lighter (a bit of fire excelerant never goes amiss if you are in a hurry or have wet conditions)  

A few facts about the Thermette:
○ Invented by John. A. Hart from Manawatu in 1929!
○ Used as standard equipment by the NZ Army during World War 2.
○ Since it was invented no improvements have been made to it as the design was perfect and it still has the same patent.

The Thermette delivers boiling water quickly because the proven design uses a unique cone shaped internal wall so that heat is distributed to a large surface area surrounded by water, while simultaneously funneling heat up to the top where a pot or frying pan can be used for cooking.

It is also an ideal emergency backup to have at home in case of power failure.

Thermette Height: 300mm
With Base: 370mm
With Base and Cooking ring: 410mm


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