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Coleman HWOD - H2 Oasis Plus Water Heater - Gas Shower

Brand: Coleman
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Coleman HWOD - H2 Oasis Plus Water Heater - Gas Shower

Hot Water on Demand- H2 Oasis Plus Water Heater

The original and best. Compact, lightweight and fully portable self contained unit delivers hot water in seconds at the turn of a dial. Ideal for campsites. Use it for showering, washing, cooking, cleaning and more.

• Powerful burner delivers hot water in seconds
• Heat up to 150 litres of water with one Coleman® Lightweight LPG bottle
• Heats water up to 30°C above ambient temperature reaching a maximum of 50°C
• Powered by Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, ensures lightweight performance and fast charging (includes 240V and 12V adaptors)
• Will operate on direct feed power
• Full digital display shows water temperature output, flame indicator and battery life
• Deluxe 4 Setting shower head including off function, includes hook and loop point for easy hanging
• USB ports will charge most USB compatible devices including popular smartphones, tablets and speakers
• Heavy duty quick connect brass fittings, aluminium grab handles and high density ABS plastic construction
• 8 Foot non-kink silicone hoses with quick connect fittings, easily connect to water source or directly to garden hose
• Coleman®’s unique multi-directional head fitting allows the user to direct water at any number of angles and heights
• Dual storage ports
• Handy mesh hose organizer makes for easy pack away
• Full range of accessories and spare parts available

Run Time: 80 minutes
Fuel Type: Coleman® LPG
Total Output: 20,000 BTU
Weight: 8.50kg
Size: 42 x 25 x 53H cm
Water Output: 3.8l / minute

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