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We have a huge range of camp tables and storage sets, with the best value and quality on the market. From side, folding, picnic and solid tables we have one to suit your needs for camping! Having a table makes life much more convenient when camping; preparing and eating food, storage, playing cards, reading books or relaxing with a drink. All of the tables can be folded down for easy storage and transport. Check out the range with a wide selection from Kiwi Camping, Mannagum and Zempire. 

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Kiwi Camping Dash Table - Standard
Kiwi Camping Dash Table - Standard A solid fibreboard topped table with adjustable legs. FEATU..
Ex Tax: $86.95
Kiwi Camping Large Dash Camp Table
Kiwi Dash Camp Table A strong, sturdy table with an adjustable legs for your ideal height. If you wa..
$119.99 $94.99
Ex Tax: $82.60
Kiwi Camping Roller Top Table 70x70
Kiwi Camping Roller Top Table 70x70 An aluminium slat top table with alloy resort style legs. This e..
Ex Tax: $78.25
Mannagum Personal Table
Mannagum Personal Table This wee table is perfect as a side table beside your camping chair to store..
Ex Tax: $52.17
Freedom Camping Stove Stand
Zempire Freedom
Zempire Camping Stove StandA portable yet sturdy stand that elevates your cooker to standing height...
Ex Tax: $52.17
Campmaster Stove Stand
Campmaster Stove Stand for 2-3 Burner Stove Cookers This is a well priced stand to hold a 2-3 burner..
Ex Tax: $52.17
Kiwi Dash Side Table
Kiwi Camping
Kiwi Camping Dash Side Camping Table A great wee camping, backyard or picnic table for holding drink..
Ex Tax: $43.47
Kiwi Camping Camp Table 60x80
Kiwi Camping 60 x 80cm Camping Table with Mesh Shelf This table is a great size for preparing food o..
Ex Tax: $43.47
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Complete Outdoors is proud to support and advocate Destiny Rescue in the hope of bringing modern-day..
Ex Tax: $1.74
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