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There's nothing worse than running out of clean clothing when you're out camping with no facilities. Luckily Companion have come up with a range of great quality portable washing machines which run off batteries that can connect to your car's power system. There is also the affordable Ezywash manual machine that can wash a 2.2kg full load in minutes with no electricity or batteries! Always have clean clothes even in the Great Outdoors with one of these smart new appliances.  

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Companion Portable Single Tub Electric Washing Machine
Companion EzyWash Portable Tub Washing MachineAlways have clean clothes and linen even when on the m..
Ex Tax: $434.77
Mannagum Portable Clothesline 4 Arm
Mannagum Portable 4 Arm Clothesline This is a wee beauty and very useful for the home or outdoors. S..
Ex Tax: $86.95
Sea to Summit 20L Folding Bucket
Sea to Summit 20L Folding BucketThe ideal lightweight solution for carrying and storing water in the..
Ex Tax: $60.86
Companion Quickfold Clothesline
Companion Quickfold ClotheslineThe ultimate portable clothes stand for getting your gear dry quickly..
Ex Tax: $60.86
Sea to Summit Folding Bucket 10L
Sea to Summit Folding Bucket 10LA freestanding, lightweight and compact solution for carrying and st..
Ex Tax: $43.47
Tilley Saltwater & Hard Water Soap
Tilley Saltwater & Hard Water SoapA handy soap for using in hard or salt water. Suitable for sai..
Ex Tax: $8.69
Kiwi Camping Expandable Clothes Line
Kiwi Camping Expandable Clothes Line Stretches up to 2.5m long. FEATURES: *Expands to 2.5m *In..
Ex Tax: $6.08
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Complete Outdoors is proud to support and advocate Destiny Rescue in the hope of bringing modern-day..
Ex Tax: $1.74
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