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HumanGear GoToob+ Travel Tube - 53ml - Clear

Brand: HumanGear
Product Code: HUM_10012CLEAR
Availability: In Stock

HumanGear GoToob+ Travel Tube - 53ml - Clear

HumanGear GoToob+ Travel Tube - 53ml (Small) - Clear

GoToob is the civilized, smart, squeezable tube for travelling, outdoors and more.

Make travel easy with your must-have gels, lotions and soft foods. These beauties are still made with food-safe, BPA- and Phthalate-free silicone and use a no-drip valve for easy dispensing but now have large size indicators for breezing through customs, a larger opening and stand-up base for easier filling and a new LoopLock that allows you to hang your GoToob+ or clip it onto something as well as being an extra guard against accidental cap opening.

This Large size holds the maximum approved size for air travel.

• Perfect for Carry On Travel
• Handy Carry Loop
• "No-Drip" Valve
• Lockable Cap
• FDA food-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-Free materials
• Soft & Rugged silicone that is easy to squeeze
• 25% larger opening than the original GoToob for easier filling and cleaning

Colour: Orange
Materials Tube and cap valve: Silicone
Materials ID ring and cap plastic: #5PP (polypropylene)
Dimensions: 5.1 X 8.3 X 3.8cm
Volume: 53ml (Small)
Weight (Empty): 45g

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty T&Cs apply

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WHY GoToob is made from silicone & what that means
The GoToob is made of high-purity, FDA food-safe silicone. Silicone is one of the safest and most inert materials in common commercial use (heck, baby bottle nipples are made from the stuff!). It's not cheap material, but we decided to use silicone for the fantastic performance and safety it affords. However, no material is completely impervious. While GoToobs work great with thousands of different fluids, sometimes a fluid can react, affecting the silicone of the tube, altering the fluid, or both. This is due to reactivity with silicone itself and isn't limited to the specific silicone we use for GoToobs. Also remember that GoToobs are travel products, not long-term storage containers. Some products may change state (dry out or become less viscous) if kept in GoToobs for months at a time. 

It is a good idea when using any product in a GoToob for the first time either to test a small amount overnight or to pack the GoToob in a leak proof bag for protection. We will happily replace your GoToob with a new one if there are any issues, but we can't say the same for whatever else you packed in your suitcase!

Non-Recommended Liquids
While the range of chemicals used in modern cosmetic and personal care products makes comprehensive compatibility testing impossible, we have consistently noticed problems with the following chemical groups/product types and recommend against using them in GoToobs:

○ Alcohols (Note: Alcohols may be present in many cosmetic products, including make-up remover, mouth wash, astringent, hair serum, aftershave, and insect repellent).
○ Salicylic Acid (most often used in acne treatments).
○ Hair serums and treatments (detanglers, relaxers, volumizers, polishers, smoothers, shine serums, etc.) including shampoos and conditioners designed to add shine or luster to hair as well as products with Argan Oil (like Moroccan hair oil).
○ Silicone-based lubricants.
○ DEET-based insect repellents.
○ Hydrogen Peroxide.
○ Sterile products. Note: Even though sterile products may be fully compatible with silicone, GoToobs are not sterilized. Therefore, we don't recommend GoToobs for use with fluids where sterilization may be an issue, such as contact lens solution. This includes liquid or semi-liquid prescription medications.
○ Caustic, corrosive, or flammable products. Note: Many household chemicals are sold in specifically designed plastic or glass containers specified by the manufacturer and should never be decanted. GoToobs were designed for personal care or food items you may need while traveling--not bleach, drain cleaner, fire-starters, or hydrochloric acid.

Aeroplane Travel:
Bag your GoToobs for insurance Gotoobs won't leak under normal circumstances; however, accidents can happen. Those luggage handlers can sometimes be brutal, caps don't get tightened fully, etc. We recommend that you always put GoToobs in a sealed "Ziplock" style bag for insurance against unfortunate "Murphy's Law" episodes.