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HumanGear GoTubb Travel Container - 14ml - 3 Pack

Brand: HumanGear
Product Code: HUM_10008
Availability: In Stock

HumanGear GoTubb Travel Container - 14ml - 3 Pack

HumanGear GoTubb 3 Pack Travel Containers - 14ml (Small) - Clear/Orange/Red

GoTubbs are fantastic little one hand opening BPA free and food safe hard containers that take anything that won't squeeze out of a GoToob. Just squeeze the sides and the lid comes off, to close, just push it back on. The lids are transparent so you can see the contents and there's a recessed, textured labelling area where your labels won't rub off. Use them for pills, snacks, whatever you can fit in it that isn't a liquid or can change into a liquid.

The small size is perfect for a few pills, small change, 2 sets of earplugs and other small stuff

• Transparent lid so you can see the content
• One hand opening design
• Water Resistant
• Recessed. Textured labelling area resists your labels rubbing off
• BPA/PC/phthakate free with food safe #5 plastic

Materials: Grade 5 recyclable plastic
Colour: Clear / Orange / Red
Qty: 3 Containers
Volume: 14ml
Weight (Empty): 56g

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