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Tent Spreadsheet 2019

Tent Spreadsheet 2019

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Complete Outdoors Tents for sale is committed to bringing you the best tents around. Here is our 2018 -2019 guide to why you might pick one tent over another.

We offer a range of high-quality tents to give you the best camping experience possible. We have selected models that give you the best bang for your buck and feature the most practical designs for family living while being suitable for NZ weather conditions.

We believe canvas is best suited to New Zealand conditions with its long life, durability, and resistance to high winds.

We also offer a full range of the best polyester tents available in NZ. 

Alongside a newcomer into the marketplace, inflatable tents merging the best qualities of canvas & polyester. Strong in the wind & while easy to put up. We've nicknamed it the marriage saver.

Top Outdoor brands Kiwi Camping, Coleman, Oztrail, Black Wolf, Nemo Equipment & more!

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