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Kovea Alpine EZ Eco Stove Pot

Brand: Kovea
Product Code: KOCSXN700
Availability: ONLINE ONLY

Kovea Alpine EZ Eco Stove Pot

Kovea Alpine EZ Eco Stove Pot 

The Alpine Pot EZ-Eco is exactly what you see. An Alpine Pot stove system without the fuss of carrying a fuel canister. This new innovative system has a built in fuel base which allows you to fill it with gas before you go out on your trip - no more fuss of taking the fuel with you for those short 1 day hikes. A pot without the fuel canister, saves space and weight and can boil 500ml of water up to 6 times on 1 full charge.

• Locking lid prevents spillage
• Fits easily into a small daypack, sports bag, fishing bag or ruck sack, and carries enough fuel to boil 500ml 6 times on 1 gas fill
• Flame reflector shows you the stove is lit even in bright sunshine, and transparent fuel tank allows you to see when fuel is present
• Robust construction includes 8 built-in safety features
• Boil time : 4′06" (1 liter cold water 15˚C > 96˚C) 

Dimension: 130 X 130 X 175mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 524g
Capacity: 770g/750g
Ignition: One Touch Piezo Type
Fuel: Butane & Iso-Butane (Refillable gas tank)
Consumption: 1,100ml (gas capacity: 90g/27g)


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