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Kovea Stove Solo

Brand: Kovea
Product Code: KOCSXN452
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Kovea Stove Solo

Kovea Stove Solo

Solo gas stove is a mini stove that is convenient to carry. Its aluminum flame control valve makes it lightweight. This stove has rotating support legs, an ignition plate installed for maximized ignition, folded configuration capability, and the ability to deliver a powerful flame.

• Boil time: 4’32 ” (1 litre cold water 15oC 96oC)
• Room condition 24oC / Fuel: KOVEA Gas (KGF-0230)
• Small size pan support with guide groove will help stable position
• Efficient burner will make large flame
• Aluminum valve makes it lighter
• Convenient push-button piezo ignition built into valve

Dimension: 57 X 57 X 100mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 124g
Ignition: One-Touch Piezo Type
Fuel: Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister) Butane (Nozzle type gas canister)
Consumption: 137g/h (1,621kcal / 6,434BTU / 1.88kW)


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