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Kovea Torch Micro

Brand: Kovea
Product Code: KOCMXN412
Availability: 3-10 Working Days

Kovea Torch Micro

Kovea Torch Micro

The Kovea Micro Gas Torch provides a stable flame up to 1300°C. It has a one touch gas connection and an ignition safety lock system for ease of use.

• Ignition Safety Lock System installed
• Air regulator installed
• One-Touch Gas connection
• Stable flame with 1300°C temperature
• Fine adjustment of flame power

Dimension: 130 X 46 X 144mm
Weight: 125g
Ignition: One Touch Piezo Type
Fuel: Butane (Nozzle type gas canister)
Consumption: 15g/h (177kcal / 704BTU / 0.21kW )

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