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Salomon Artic Ski Pole Red

Brand: Salomon
Product Code: 390196130

Salomon Artic Ski Pole Red

Salomon Arctic- Red - Ski Pole 

Aluminum poles are known for being light but strong with minimal swing weight, which makes the Salomon Arctic a very popular choice for free riders and great for any type of skier. These have mid-sized baskets which will work well on hard snow but are wide enough to stay on top of the powder without sinking. If you can't decide on a pole, take a good hard look at these. They are exactly what you're looking for. 

Weight: 100g
Diameter: 18mm

○ 110
○ 130


To measure your correct size, bend your elbow at a right angle to your body and measure the height from your hand to the ground. 

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