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Ski Boots Rossignol Xena 10 Size 25 Very Tidy

Brand: Imported - Near New Ski Boots
Product Code: CORXENA10
Availability: In Stock
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Ski Boots Rossignol Xena 10 Size 25 Very Tidy

Rossignol Xena 10 Ski Boots Mondo 25 USED

These boots are in very good condition. There is a bit of light surface scratching.

For the intermediate and progressing woman, looking for an easy to use and comfortable boot. Xena's women's design make it a snap to enter and exit while, the upper cuff boosts a flared tulip shape providing maximum calf comfort. All this without losing the performance of a four buckle overlap boot.

Rossignol Xena 10
Actual Flex: 60/50
Buckle Count: 4 Micro Adjust Buckle
Special Features: One piece tongue/toe box
Cockpit Technology
Hard Soft Flex Adjustment

Sizes:25 (UK 6; US 7)

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