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Spotters "Ace" Aviator Style Polarised Glass Lens Gold Mirror Finish

Brand: Spotters Glasses
Product Code: ACEGOLD
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Spotters "Ace" Aviator Style Polarised Glass Lens Gold Mirror Finish

Spotters Model "Ace". Gunmetal Frame, Glass Lens Fishing Glasses. Gold Mirror on Copper base lens.

Large Fit Frame

Excellent choice for field lens. Fashionable look with its mirror finish. Easy on the eye with outstanding clarity and contrast. Glass Lenses yet Lightweight.

The darker Copper lens tint instantly relaxes your eyes in high glare situations, while still offering brilliant clarity and high contrast vision. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations.

The result? Spotters’ Gold Leaf mirror gives you the ability to cope with even the harshest glare on the brightest day, without experiencing any eye fatigue, squinting or headaches.

The high contrast copper base tint offers increased colour contrast and depth perception and blocks blue light to make your vision crisper and sharper. This unique copper tint also serves to contrast colours across the visible light spectrum, making object edges appear sharper, colours more vivid and everything within your field of vision crisp and in-focus.

Aussie made, these glasses are quality all the way.

Fusion of Memory Flex Titanium and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Incredibly lightweight

An all round excellent high performance set of glasses particularly for high light situations.
Extremely comfortable and easy on the eye.
Great for general use, driving etc.

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