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Spotters "Cristo" Black Gloss Sunglasses & Polarised Gold Lens

Brand: Spotters Glasses
Product Code: CRISTOGOLD
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Spotters "Cristo" Black Gloss Sunglasses & Polarised Gold Lens

Spotters "Cristo" Black Gloss Sunglasses & Polarised Gold Leaf Mirror Lens

The Cristo Frame was created for the people who have high cheek bones and want a pair of glasses that fit them comfortably. The copper tint from the gold leaf lens relaxes your eyes against the harsh glare of the sun leaving you with a crisper sharper vision without having the need to squint when your out driving to the next special fishing spot.

Gold leaf copper lens tint,
The Gold Leaf mirror tint gives you the ability to cope with even the harshest glare on the brightest day, without experiencing any eye fatigue, squinting or headaches.

• Polarised
• Tight wrapped protection
• Slim fitted frame arms
• Hand beveled
• High glare specialist glasses
• Real metallic mirror protected by layers of Crown Glass
• Glare-free vision, objects will appear sharper, colours more vivid
• Perfect for Golf, Long drives, change of light and for underwater depth perception
• Reflects the bright sunlight, amazing for sunny days

Frame Fit: Large
Colour: Matte Black
Gender: Unisex
Lens Type: Gold Leaf Mirror Crown Glass
Frame Width: 142mm
Bridge Width: 16.2mm
Lens Width: 67.2mm
Lens Height: 38.7mm

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