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Spotters "Rebel" Black Matte & Halide Sunglasses

Brand: Spotters Glasses
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Spotters "Rebel" Black Matte & Halide Sunglasses

Spotters "Rebel" Black Matte Sunglasses & Polarised Photochromic Halide Lens

The Rebal frame with the Halide Lens are fantastic for everyday use especially in high glare situations. The Halide makes objects sharper, gives clearer vision over distances, shows greater depth perception in water and eliminates eye fatigue and headaches. While the Rebel frame itself is light weight and stylish perfect to wear in town or out fishing.

• Worlds Darkest Photochromatic Copper Crown Lens
• Photochromatic lens adjusts to your total environment
• High Contast, enhanced depth and colour perception
• Perfect for High Glare Situations if you are Sensitive to Bright Light

Frame Fit: Large
Colour: Matt Black
Lens Type: Halide Photochromic Polarised Lens
Frame Width: 143.5mm
Bridge WIdth: 18.2mm
Lens Width: 60mm
Lens Height: 42.8mm

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