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Survival Kit Company Survival Back Pack

Brand: Survival Kit Company
Product Code: SKCBPACK
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Survival Kit Company Survival Back Pack

Survival Kit Company Survival Back Pack


In the event of an emergency, you may need to leave home suddenly if you are required to evacuate either your property or even the whole neighbourhood.
Having emergency items in one place such as in a bag that is easily located saves time and stress, especially if there's an emergency at night and you have to evacuate your home without electric lighting being available.
Our home grab n go bags are designed to provide basic emergency supplies if you need to leave your place in a hurry.

1X Torch/Radio/Charger
1X Multi-Function Knife
4X Emergency Foil Blankets
4X Emergency Plastic Raincoats
4X N95 Respirator Dust Mask
1X Box Waterproof Matches
1X On/Off Road First Aid Kit
1X 20L Flexible Water Container
1X 25L Backpack 1X Large Rubbish Bag
1X Large Bio Hazard Bag
1X Plastic Sheet/Tarpaulin
2X Candles
1X Pair Working Gloves
2X Resealable Plastic Bag
2X Vinyl Gloves

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