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Ensuite Tents

Ensuite tents are a must if you are camping in areas with limited ablutions and don't want to have to trek into the bush! They provide a place for you to shower or use the toilet. We have a great range of quality tents available.The double ensuite tents are great for showering as you get wet in one side and walk through the middle to the other side where your dry towel and clothes are hanging. Pop up toilet and shower tents are very quick and easy to set up and provide that much needed privacy on the campsite. With features like solar shower hooks, storage pockets and towel hangers, these tents make trips to the bathroom in the wilderness a breeze!

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Kiwi Camping Solo Ensuite Tent
Kiwi Camping Change Shelter Solo Ensuite Tent Use as a change room, shower or toilet, with handy ac..
Ex Tax: $173.90
Kiwi Camping Speedy Change Shelter Tent
Kiwi Camping Speedy Change Shelter Tent Change room, shower or toilet that unfolds in a instant ..
Ex Tax: $86.95
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Destiny Rescue $2 Charity Donation
Complete Outdoors is proud to support and advocate Destiny Rescue in the hope of bringing modern-day..
Ex Tax: $1.74
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